About First Advantage

A brief history of First Advantage Bank and First Federal Savings Bank

We talk a lot about how drastically the banking industry has been evolving in recent years, fueled by rapid changes in government regulation, technology, and consumer behavior. But the truth is, banking has been a changing industry ever since the first banks appeared in antiquity. The very nature of banking as a service demands constant adaptation to mirror that of the people it serves.

Think back to a time before ATMs were a part of banking, when Ike was still president, televisions were still black and white, and landing on the moon was a far-out dream. That's how far back our roots go—to 1954, when First Federal Savings Bank was established to serve Clarksville, then a small community of roughly 20,000 people.

The world was a different place in 1954, and we thrived as we embraced all the advancements and acclimated to the changes that brought us to the turn of the century. We were there through the implementation of ATMs, the migration from papers to computers, and the hardships of multiple recessions. We’re proud of our rich history, and a stronger bank for it.

In 2011, we knew that we had become much more than a savings and loan bank. We were actively invested in our community. We had seen our native Clarksville grow into a thriving city of about 140,000 people. Our choice was clear—we changed our charter from the federal to the state level, and changed our name to First Advantage Bank to reflect our true brand. Now, we have expanded our focus to businesses, and we are growing along with the community we serve. We now have eight full-service banking centers throughout middle Tennessee, a virtual branch with a national presence, over 100 employees, and we are traded publicly on the OTC market (FABK).

We recognize that our industry is changing today, but we’re used to it. The innovations we have been through in the past 60 years have made us who we are, and we are excited to continue our culture of embracing change to better serve our community.

We are established. We are evolving. We are FAB.