Customer Security


October 25, 2012 - Password selection. It's an important measure in protecting your identity, but can easily be taken for granted - check out these real-life examples of what not to do when choosing a password.

July 25, 2012 - FRADULENT EMAIL: The following is an example of an e-mail that customers have reported receiving. Please remember this is not a legitimate message and should not be responded to. Click here to view fraudulent e-mail.

Reminder: Do not respond to any phone call, email or social media requests for sensitive information. First Advantage Bank will never contact a customer unsolicited with a request for account information.

June 11, 2012 - ATTENTION CUSTOMERS: Thousands of local residentsí sensitive personal information is at risk due to an IT security breach at the Clarksville/Montgomery County school system. Click here for more information.

IF YOU ARE A VICTIM OF IDENTITY THEFT: All First Advantage Bank checking accounts include FREE identityRESTORE, a full-service identity restoration package that supplies you with the tools you need to recover. Customers must register online at and enter access code TN329695 to use this complimentary benefit.

Quick Tips to Protecting your Identity 

  1. Change passwords immediately. Log in to online banking, e-mail accounts and other important sites thieves could target and update your passwords. Avoid using the exact same login and password for every account so you contain damages if one account is compromised. 
  2. Monitor bank accounts closely. Keep an eye on your checking, savings, credit cards and other accounts. Contact the authorities if you notice any unusual activity, and then contact us.
  3. Check your credit report. It is possible for a victim to be unaware that someone has used his or her stolen identity until long after the damage is done. You can access your credit report for free once a year by going to  To dispute information in your credit report or for problems with the Credit Reporting Agencies, you must contact the following companies directly:
    • Equifax: 1-877-576-5734;
    • Experian: 1-888-397-3742;
    • TransUnion: 1-800-680-7289;
  4. Beware of scams. Do not respond to any phone call, e-mail or social media requests for sensitive information. Thieves use these tactics to trick consumers into voluntarily providing information that can be used to commit fraud.   If you are unsure whether a request is legitimate, end the call or delete the e-mail and immediately place your own call to the institution in question. First Advantage Bank will never contact a customer unsolicited with a request for account information.
  5. Use caution with social media and e-mail. Never send or post account numbers, passwords, social security numbers, credit card numbers or other sensitive information that could be used for fraudulent purposes if it were intercepted by the wrong person(s). This particular incident may have originated via twitter or another social media platform.
  6. Use caution online. Before you make any online purchases or establish accounts, be sure the website URL begins with https:// and there is a gold padlock icon displayed in the browser address bar. You can always visit a store in person or order by phone if you are uncomfortable buying online.

For more information on protecting your identity visit

Contact us at 931.552.6176 if you have any questions or need advice on protecting your identity.