Can I access my account from multiple computers?

Yes, you can still access your account from any number of computers. If you login from a new computer or a public computer, you will need to answer a challenge question. Challenge questions help protect you by keeping unauthorized people from accessing your valuable information.

Can I change my challenge questions at any time?

Yes, you can change your authentication image, phrase and challenge questions by selecting the options tab after you login.

How will I know that I am on First Advantage Bank site and not a fraudulent one?

You'll login using your Access ID, password, "authentication image" and a phrase. Your personal authentication image and phrase help you to identify that you are on our website, not a fraudulent look-alike site. Here's how it works:

How do you confirm my identity?

We will confirm your identity by two authentication "factors." These factors include:

If we cannot confirm your identity or we do not recognize your computer, we will ask you a challenge question to which only you know the answer. These challenge questions are selected and answered by you when you enroll in the new security feature. If you answer the challenge questions correctly, your identity will be confirmed and you can proceed with login. You can also let us know to recognize your computer for future login.

What can I do in Online Banking?

When you login into Online Banking you can view information or complete various transactions, including:

How do I get signed up for online banking and what will be my initial password?

Enrolling in Online Banking is easy if you have a First Advantage Bank account. Choose the Online Banking option on our homepage. Just fill in the information below to get started. The first time user password will be the last 4 digits of your social security number unless you have recently established a telephone banking password which should then be used.

Is there a charge to use the online banking or bill payment system?

Online Banking is a free service that gives you access to your accounts and lets you make transfers between your First Advantage Bank accounts. Bill Pay, a feature of Online Banking, is also free.

How often do I need to access my online banking account to keep it active?

You need to access your online banking account every 60 days to keep it active.

What kind of transfers can I make using online banking?

To: Checking Savings
From: Checking Yes Yes
Savings Yes Yes
Line Of Credit Yes Yes

To make a one-time transfer between accounts, click ‘Express Transfer’.

What kind of payments can I make in online banking?

To: FAB Loan Bill Payment
From: Checking Yes Yes
Savings Yes  

To access bill pay click on the checking account and then click ‘Bill Payment’.

Can I set up recurring or future-date transfers?

    Yes. In online banking, click on the account from which you like to schedule a transfer. Click on ‘Transfers’ and ‘New Scheduled Transfer’ to schedule your recurring transfer.

Can I access my account if I don't have access to online banking?

   You may access your account 24 hours a day by phone at 1.866.678.2309 to get information about checking and savings account balances, deposits, and withdrawals.




Can I access my account from multiple computers?