card skimmer found on clarksville atms

News Channel 5 - 8/16/2016


Card skimmers have been found on ATMs in Clarksville, and police believe two are responsible.

A man was caught on surveillance video applying the card skimmer to the ATM, while a woman watched in the passenger's seat.

"If you can move it and it shakes at all, try to pull on it and see if it comes off. If it wiggles there's a good chance it is a card skimmer," said Christy Caudill, Chield Operations Officer at First Advantage Bank.

Caudill said a customer thought the card reader was suspicious, and wiggled it. That's when they noticed the card reader had been tampered with.

"We immediately sent out branche managers out and checked all the other machines. Then we called the other banks and told them that they needed to check their machines as well," said Caudill.

Three additional ATMs in Clarksville were also tampered with, and there is always a chance that any card reader could be rigged. Bank officials said the card skimmer was only on the machine for four to siz hours, and no money was stolen from any card swiped.

If you notice anything suspicious with your accoutn information police ask that you give them a call.