Overdraft Protection

How do I prevent an overdraft?

To prevent overdrafts and avoid costly fees, First Advantage Bank recommends that you maintain a record of all account activity by regularly reconciling your account to the balance and activity reported by the bank.  We offer several channels which provide you with quick and easy access to your account information:

How do I set up overdraft protection?

Call us at 931.552.6176 and we will get you in touch with the right person who can help you set up your overdraft protection.

What accounts are eligible for overdraft protection?

Your checking account can be linked to a First Advantage Bank:

There are certain types of withdrawals and transfer transactions you can make out of your savings or money market accounts. See your account disclosure for the maximum amount of withdrawals allowed.

If the bank determines that you are exceeding the limit stated above, a withdrawal fee may be charged. If the bank determines that you are exceeding the limit described above on more than an occasional basis, the bank reserves the right to either close your savings account and transfer the funds  on deposit into another account that you are eligible to maintain, or terminate your right to make transfers and write items against your savings account. For details, please call 931.552.6176

What is the fee for using overdraft protection?

When there are insufficient funds in your account to cover a check, withdrawal, or automatic payment that you have authorized, and you have Overdraft Protection, we pay the Item and charge you an overdraft protection/advance fee.

The overdraft protection transfer/fee depends on which account you have linked to your Checking Account for Overdraft Protection:


*subject to credit approval